“Intimidation” Likely Behind FBI Treatment of Trump Allies: Former DOJ Official

“Intimidation” Likely Behind FBI Treatment of Trump Allies: Former DOJ Official

“It’s all of the presidential records for the entire span of the Trump term. It’s just remarkable. When you’re talking about an unprecedented raid on the former president of the United States, the Justice Department really should show us that affidavit.”

Former DOJ official Jeffery Clark shared his thoughts with NTD’s Paul Greaney on the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Florida home. He also opened about his own experience with the FBI.

“They kind of pushed open the door all the way. And they’re like, ‘You have to come outside.’ And I asked several times, you know, ‘can I put my pants on?’ They wouldn’t, you know, so they brought me out into my driveway, held me for five minutes while they swept the house.

“I think of it as an intimidation effort—to try to damage, destroy, put fear into those around President Trump.”

This interview is was conducted during NTD Television Network’s filming of its special documentary report “Raid on America.” You can watch the full report here.

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