Reps Greene and Gaetz: Did Feds Incite Jan. 6 Riots?

Reps Greene and Gaetz: Did Feds Incite Jan. 6 Riots?

Reps Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) take exception to conservatives who downplay the events of Jan. 6—but not for the same reason as Democrats. “We’re worried there are a lot of folks who don’t understand the severity of what happened. Particularly, if it was so severe that it was animated and encouraged by assets of the federal government,” Gaetz said at a Jan. 6 press conference at Capitol Hill. “That would be a far greater scandal than anything that the Democrats have talked about.” The notion that the FBI had foreknowledge, or even actively facilitated, the Capitol Hill riots has been deemed a wild conspiracy theory by most major media outlets and fact-checkers. But Greene and Gaetz said there’s a strong case to be made that, at the very least, the issue needs to be investigated by Congress. Citing an exposé from Revolver News, Gaetz and Greene both …

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